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IT168 [Xin Yu Xin aluminum alloy products make perfect perfect

IT168 [Xin Yu Xin aluminum alloy products make perfect perfect

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Using Realtek high-quality factory chip, product performance is more stable, longer life; USB 3.0 HUB has 5Gbps high-speed transmission bandwidth, data transmission faster and more stable, compared with USB 2.0 speed to 10 times faster, to give users an unusual pleasure; USB 3.0 HUB expanded to 7 ports, to meet the needs of users to connect more external devices. The wire length is increased to 120 cm, which can connect the equipment to the computer desktop, avoid bending the plug-in equipment, and improve the convenience of users in life and work.
Appearance, the fuselage is made of all aluminum alloy, the main body is more stable showing high-end temperament, "UNITEK" Logo using radium carving process, screen printing clear, continuing the consistent style of the Apple wind series. There are three main colors to choose from: high-grade silver, classic black and tyrant gold.