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Multi function mobile phone audio-video converter

Multi function mobile phone audio-video converter

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Introduction of MHL function

Mobile.-Definition Link(MHL), The Mobile.-Definition Link(MHL) a connections the connections the user of the command interface, MHL is is the., and the.HDMIin interface to the the command in the command of the command.


main performance

1. Only five pins can provide high-definition audio and video signals, which allow the use of a micro-connector suitable for portable devices to achieve.
2. with ultra-low working current and standby power consumption, it can save battery life.
3. through a cable, high resolution digital high definition video with up to 1080p resolution can be supported.
4. is compatible with the HDMI input interface used in most DTV today.
5. includes integrated CEC function and logic control.


Firstly, the MHL interface can transmit video and audio signals from mobile devices to external display devices at the same time without any settings, which is very convenient for users. As the entertainment and functionality of smart mobile devices become more and more powerful, the data content it contains can be called a small computer. As long as the external monitors are selected, it is easy and simple for some applications. It can directly transmit high-quality digital high definition video with resolution up to 1080p.
Second, a small number of connections are used: uncompressed HD video and digital audio, charging and remote control operations can be supported with a five-core interface and a thin, soft, flexible and portable MHL cable.
Third, using existing generic interfaces: MHL technology does not require its own interfaces, enab