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1.production of products:
Factory direct sales, short production cycle, the quality of goods is guaranteed. Custom make the delivery time.

2.product color:
The goods in this shop are real images, color by professional proofreading, the closest physical tile map. Due to the color contrast of computer monitors is a little different.

3.product scale;
Measurement of manual measurement, as a result of manual measurement of the inevitable will be a little error, probably in the 0.3CM.

4.customer service:
Please attach the product number at the time of the consultation. Otherwise do not know you consult is the style, such as your advice did not immediately reply to you, may be too much. Please wait a moment, we will contact you immediately.

5.after sales problem:
Manufactured products are after strict checks and electronic products not 100% qualified, the returns go our process (white wire can't be dirty lane changing. Our brand product warranty for one year.

6.on delivery:
Express or freight, the amount of words, Shenzhen city can be delivered to the door.

7.on receipt:
If the number is small, the style is not. Contact us immediately.