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Xin Yu Xin Recruitment Information
Shenzhen City Xin Yu Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in all kinds of communication equipment, HD equipment, computer network and other cable, also in plug-in and the surrounding supporting electronic products research and development, production and sales; has successfully launched a: USB, HDMI, DVI, SATA and displaypor series connector; adapter, cable, panel and related electronic products; business all over the world, won the customers.

Xin Yuxin to give you a fair and impartial platform, welcome to dream of you, dare to challenge you, to join our team!

Xinyu Xin the latest recruitment information, the latest Xinyu Xin Xinyu Xin needs jobs, looking for talent (June 25, 2016 update):

CAD Draftman
Recruitment number: 2
Resume language requirements: Chinese
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Master Degree: good

Job description:
1, according to the project planning requirements for the drawing of CAD drawings;
2, responsible for the project drawing support services;
3, responsible for the engineering drawing data collation, filing work;
4. Participate in other work related to drawing.

Post qualification:
1, male
2, skilled use of Photoshop, CAD and other graphic design software;
3, pay attention to details, have a good learning ability, strong sense of responsibility for the work, the style of work.

The company has a board and lodging; social security; seniority Award; year-end bonus; telephone fee subsidies; holidays; salary negotiable!

Contact information:
Contact: Miss Wen
Telephone: 0755-275806600
Cell phone: 18173656870

For details see brilliant talent network Xin Yu Xin recruitment page: